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list of complaints.

August 28, 2009


okay, the scanner is working at the moment. i don’t want anything i do to depend on whether or not the scanner is working, it feels like a drug dependence….
speaking of which, but not really, i’d like to thank whoever left klonopin on the kitchen table. i slept pretty well. this may inspire of series of not inappropriate, per se, but more realistic greeting cards.
“i’m so sorry you got your period, my friend. i know you never plan on having children and aren’t interested in your fertility, and i know you don’t have sex with men so you’re not even relieved to not be pregnant, but it’s totally bogus that you have to bleed from between your legs. that’s just not okay.”
“thank you for letting me sleep on the couch when i’m lonely even though i have my own room.”
“thank you for giving me so much free coffee. i’m not going to sleep with you. but i appreciate the coffee.”
“congratulations on actually finishing a project!”
“thank you for using your turn signal. you’re one in a million.”
okay, now i’m just getting snarky.

here is a cabbage print veda and i made. we’re planning on making a whole bunch of vegetable prints.
Photo 117

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  1. August 29, 2009 12:47 am

    I’m really liking the cabbage print. The tex-choor is beautiful.
    Thinking of other textury stuff.. If you did a super long exposure through a leafy thing? Soaked the leafy thing in vinegar to make it more transparent? Dunno. Just pondering on your dime.

  2. carmichael monaco permalink*
    August 29, 2009 5:35 pm

    for a second i thought you were talking about kimchee. (which i have, if you want some, but none of it came out exactly the way i wanted it to come out.)
    then i pictured a leafy thing over the emulsion, under the glass and the light….it’s hard to work with anything that is not really dark and really light. anything in the middle doesn’t come out great and i am just sort of doing this thing with no expertise at all….but it is definitely worth trying. also, i think worth trying, is smaller dark leaves with well-defined edges…i’ll be on the lookout. something like the cabbage is easiest to do by changing levels in photoshop, but actually smushing objects between the glass and the screen is much more physical and messy and therefore fun. you know how when you soak some plants in dye they soak it up and you can see it in the veins? hm.

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