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still no scanner, but more patches

September 13, 2009

hey people who like to read my comics…
you rule.

also, i am still without a scanner. should be getting one soon though.

here are some patches i made. veda did most of the work on the screen to make the cabbage and the solar system. the other two i made with ms word clip art.

Photo 126

also, i am a character in a book-a book that was published and is readily available for purchase in bookstores. it’s fairly awkward and weird, but not unflattering or offensive. kind of funny, i think. i didn’t know i was important enough to the author to be included in several scenes and for my text messages to be quoted verbatim. out there, maybe i should have said even weirder shit than i actually did say. fortunately, my name was changed. some other people i know appear in this novel without name changes, and i don’t think they know about it….anyway, if you read tao lin’s “shoplifting from american apparel,” i’m the one reading tarot cards and being too freaky and eating kimchi and vegenaise on bread for breakfast.

yep. hopefully i’ll get a scanner soon and share more comix.

p.s. i just noticed i got forty hits in one day just because i mentioned tao lin.
i draw comics. you can even buy them in bookstores, well, in two bookstores. i’ll be coming out with a new one within the month. i’m not just a character in someone else book, i do stuff too.

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