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guide to cuddling

September 18, 2009



i planned to write a “guide to cuddling” since i am such a big fan. the intent was to have steps that people could follow to make there be more cuddling in their lives. that faltered a little. there might be a follow-up comic….something to address different reasons people might want to cuddle. (but then again, we’re mammals….it’s pretty basic, i think.) or something to address why people don’t want to cuddle (because they think it might lead to other things they aren’t interested in or they think they other people aren’t interested in, because they do want to cuddle, just not with you/me, because they ….. i’m really not so interested in why people don’t want to cuddle. writing about that would be like writing about people who don’t want chocolate. there are no lula’s peanut butter fudge swirl sundaes in that sort of writing. no good.

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