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we were mean to that bird

September 27, 2009
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i think i compressed this file too much and it got blurry. whoops.

1) if you like these comics, you should subscribe to them, then you’d get an update when there are new comics. ya?
2) i’m finishing a new zine this week, called, um, the five second drool. it’ll be available hopefully at bluestockings and forbidden planet, also, of course through me directly. and i’m going to charge $2 for it, because drawing comics shouldn’t be costing me money, but it actually is, even if i can get free printing, i just bought a scanner and all that. also, i’ll sell four (different) comics for $5. but probably the people actually reading this are getting free copies anyway, which makes the whole writing of this post silly.


tiniest violin

September 26, 2009

in conclusion
yeah, i know. and i don’t want to hear it.
today is bad weather in my head. and cat puke all over my floor. sigh.

means of production

September 24, 2009

lots of work on screenprints today….
no comics, though.
i’d really like to spend some time on comics, two more will finish another zine.

Photo 140
Photo 141

we’ve set up an etsy site and a wordpress blog for means of production apparel, but we do not have good photographs of our designs nor do we have a good camera with which to take these photographs. we’ll tentatively be taking pictures with a borrowed camera on october 8 at 2 pm. looking for models….do you feel underrepresented?

etsy site
wordpress blog

saturday night at bluestockings

September 21, 2009



public service announcement

September 18, 2009

yeah, hayley, i mean you hayley. your melon is too valuable.

guide to cuddling

September 18, 2009



i planned to write a “guide to cuddling” since i am such a big fan. the intent was to have steps that people could follow to make there be more cuddling in their lives. that faltered a little. there might be a follow-up comic….something to address different reasons people might want to cuddle. (but then again, we’re mammals….it’s pretty basic, i think.) or something to address why people don’t want to cuddle (because they think it might lead to other things they aren’t interested in or they think they other people aren’t interested in, because they do want to cuddle, just not with you/me, because they ….. i’m really not so interested in why people don’t want to cuddle. writing about that would be like writing about people who don’t want chocolate. there are no lula’s peanut butter fudge swirl sundaes in that sort of writing. no good.

i do want to put the cat on it.

September 17, 2009

okay, here’s something for all the people stumbling across my comics by searching for tao lin:


and now, with a working scanner, we are back what we were doing in the fist place: food, friends, badly drawn birdpeople.