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March 4, 2010

i can totally draw.


no, they’re not “in a better place”

March 1, 2010

i made some cards….send them as e-cards if you want.

everyone loves a good sea mammal

February 19, 2010

yeah i was busy and stuff

February 15, 2010

okay sorry people.
i’ve hardly been drawing any comics.
i’ve been too busy learning how to screen-print.

so here’s a comic i drew last fall.
also, some tee shirt designs, or just one for now, because i order to make anything work in photoshop, i have to set my clock back to 2001 and that makes the internet now work. sigh.

my very own etsy site. well, mine and veda’s

October 22, 2009


veda and i set up an etsy site for out t-shirts.

we seem to have more designs than i remember…..i guess they pile up.

take a look. we have tee shirts and bags and patches for sale. all the tee shirts and bags are either union made in the united states or make in a worker-owned factory in mexico. some are organic. they are reasonably priced.

hey you

October 12, 2009



October 4, 2009

Photo 145

new zine is finished. hooray. i screen-printed covers, they are sorta mediocre. so… but anyway i got these done.
$2 or trade if you want one.